Club News – Craft & Produce Market – Change of Operational Time/s

Michael Gavin Monthly Updates

Following much research by the Market Committee in the operational hours of the different types of markets, plus surveying the stallholders, the Market Committee proposed to the Club for a  change to the hours of our Market operation.

The New Hours proposed are:

STARTING TIME :     9.00AM   instead of 8:00AM;  and

FINISHING TIME:     2:00PM  instead of  1:00PM



  • Members not there setting up in the dark in winter months;
  • Food Vendor stalls have increased trade over lunch time, instead of packing up;
  • Stallholders eliminating  having minimal trade time during the current first hour  i.e 8:00am – 9:00am
  • Stallholders available for the continuing attendance of general public around 1:00pm and beyond


The proposal was agreed to by the floor of members at Club Dinner Meeting [10/04/18] and will commence at our next Market in May 2018.