Wanted – Old / Used Items for Recycling and Re-use.

Many items, following upgrade are no longer required but can be very beneficial to many other individuals and communities.  

Information on the following projects is detailed below:

  • Used Stamps

  • Hearing Aids

  • Eye Glasses

  • Donations in Kind

  • “Adopt a Bed” Program

  • Personal Hygiene Items

  • Foreign Currency Coins

  • Plastic  Bottle Tops  converted into artificial hands



Purpose: Collect used postage stamps to raise funds for special programs.
Since commencing in 1991, this project has raised over $100,000 to support a range of projects for people in need.

Current project is to “End Trachoma by 2020”

Full particulars on this initiative can be viewed on the following link http://operations.9810rotary.org.au/community/used-stamps/.


RECYCLING SOUND : Recycling Hearing Aids for Those in NeedA project of the Rotary Club of Toorak

Hearing loss is a big problem in Australia, with 4 million people affected.   

At Recycled Sound, by collecting donated hearing aids we know we’re empowering disadvantaged people to take control of their hearing loss.
We also know there are many more people in Australia unable to access the hearing aids they need to reduce the isolation of living with hearing loss.
Full particulars on this initiative can be viewed on the following link http://www.recycledsound.org.au/.


Spread the word  :  Hearing aids make a significant contribution to quality-of-life for a person with hearing impairment. Without your donation of hearing aids, disadvantaged people may simply ‘go without’

 Help us by telling family and friends about Recycled Sound.    Have you recently upgraded or do you know of someone who has or no longer requires/uses theirs?

Over 200 were cleaned and thoroughly reconditioned  last weekend [23 September 2017] at Blamey Saunders hears.
They are then to be made available to Victorians who struggle to afford these expensive little devices.
Rotary Club of Toorak intend to extend the service into several large Victorian towns in 2018, so many more are needed. 

Maybe you have family or friends who have old hearing aids in cupboards.
Please bring them in to our meetings and Madalyn Parlet will happily pass them on to Dr Saunders.

Refer them to Recycled Sound  or to Madalyn Parlet at the Rotary Club of Lilydale.



 We have been approached by interested people to recycle used eyeglasses into developing countries. We know of at least two countries that will take as many glasses as we can supply – Sri Lanka and Vanuatu. 

There is no need to sort them as opticians and eye doctors in the recipient countries grade them, regrind them, if required and give them out to grateful patients.

The cry of excitement of, “I can see again!” is incalculable.


What are acceptable glasses to bring?    The eyeglasses that you bring must be in good condition (i.e. in a condition that you would personally want to wear).

The eyeglasses must not include broken eyeglasses, bifocals, or any eyeglasses with an astigmatism prescription. Bringing these types of unuseable glasses would not fulfil the eyeglass requirement and would result in the eye clinic needing to discard the glasses, thereby creating waste and resulting in fewer useable supplies for the clinic.

Acceptable Types of Glasses:

  • Non-prescription sunglasses (i.e. regular sunglasses)
  • Reading glasses (i.e. to correct vision for those who cannot see near)
  • Spherical-only distance glasses (i.e. no astigmatism/cylinder prescriptions)
Example of acceptable distance prescription: +2
+2 indicates a spherical prescription only.Example of unacceptable distance prescription: +2, -1, 180
Three separate numbers indicate a spherical prescription of +2 with a cylindrical prescription of -1 and an axis of 180.These glasses are an astigmatism prescription and cannot be used.
Full particulars on this initiative can be viewed on the following link http://www.rotary9790.org.au/SitePage/donations-in-kind/dik-eyeglass-recycling


Welcome to Rotary Donations In Kind

Rotary Donations In Kind is a major recycling operation, run by volunteers, that gives suitable goods to people in need, for free.

The West Footscray Store is part of the National Rotary Donations In Kind Store network, which is Rotary Australia’s largest ongoing project and the West Footscray Store is the largest in Victoria.

A Donations In Kind (DIK) project is often the most practical and cost effective way to help people in developing countries and it also provides excellent opportunities to help local communities.

It provides Rotarians, the Public and Corporate Sector with the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who need our help.


 Examples of goods include:
  • School desks and chairs, following upgrade     
  • Fabric materials
  • Clothing
  • Stationery supplies
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies
  • Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
  • Bedding Equiment
  • Hospital and Dental equipment, following upgrade
  • Office Equipment & Furniture
  • Etc. Etc. 

If you become aware of business or individuals with surplus or obsolete stock/ items becoming available, refer matter to our Club, for assessment with DIK management, to determine viability and collection arrangements.

DONATIONS IN KIND  – “Adopt a Bed” Program 

RECYCLING PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS  –   a project of the Rotary Club of Monash

Items are either donated to Days for Girls  or onsold and proceeds going to Days for Girls


UNICEF NEEDS YOUR FOREIGN CURRENCY COINSa project of Rotary Club of Forest Hill


At the moment we are on a mission.
Our mission is to create 100 bespoke aids out of bottle caps, with 3D printers, which we will then donate and fit to children in  need.  

Inspired by the Enabling the Future organization we will be participating in the world wide community making and donating 3D printed bespoke aids for children in need across under-serviced countries. The major difference is our project will be using recycled plastic from bottle tops, thus also benefiting the environment.

More information on this project can be viewed on the following link: Envision Hands

The following article : The Sunday Herald Sun 290919 – Hands for Izzy  in the Sunday Herald-Sun outlines the benefits of this project for young Izzy who can be seen opposite.

Madalyn Parlet at Rotary Club of Lilydale is co-ordinating collection and despatch of collected plastic bottle tops.

Make sure you are saving this resource to assist others in need of these bespoke aids.