Fund Raising / Distribution

The Rotary Club of Lilydale delivers a range of projects that support our local as well as international communities.   These projects are only achieved through an active and diverse fund raising program.








In addition to actual fund raising, Club members are actively involved in programs that are not quantified dollar wise in our fund raising / distribution records.   A typical example of this is the collection of surplus school desks and chairs, resulting from school upgrades, as well as obsolete curtain material stock for on delivery to Rotary’s Donation in Kind Store at Altona.  From there it is shipped to overseas or to other areas to add value before heading to overseas or for local projects, such as shopping bags to provide an alternative to plastic bags, as well as other types of bags.

The results of previous years can be viewed on the following links

2019 ENTERTAINMENT MEMBERSHIP – ……Discounts and special rates off on activities, dining, shopping, travel and leisure.

Application Form can be obtained on the following link: 2019 Entertainment Membership Application