_DSC3120The Bairo Pite Clinic Malnutrition Team, is dedicated to improving their community. Together, Lidia and the team treat malnourished children, and provide lessons in nutrition, hygiene, mothercraft and cooking for local families.

The clinic provides free healthcare to families and is fully reliant on donations and sponsorship. Your donation will help provide vital equipment and cover the wages and further education of Lidia, Elisa and Vilma whose work saves the lives of hundreds of babies and children each year.

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Following on from a recent seminar conducted by Club President and his wife [Nov 2017], the 15 participating students, who graduate in May 2018, they will undertake community-based research and health promotion to inform local parents about how to maintain the Hearing Health of their infants and young children.

Healthy physical development, free of ear infections, will assist children’s learning in the home and at school

They are now planning to develop early intervention sessions to deliver to parents to teach them the importance of Hearing Health. 

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