The Club continues to be involved in our local Communities, having representation on Lilydale Youth Club Committee, Mount Evelyn Township Improvement Committee [METIC], the Lilydale CCTV Camera Safe Project Committee and local police.


Lilydale Farmers Produce Market  was a joint initiative of the Rotary Clubs of Montrose & District, Chirnside Park and Lilydale, which commenced in March 2009.  The market has been solely managed  by the Rotary Club of Lilydale since July 2016.

The aim and purpose of the Market is:

1.  to help support the regional producers. and
2.  at the same time raise money for Rotary local Community and International projects.

The market and its popularity continue to grow, with stallholder positions much in demand.  Stallholders cover fresh vegetable produce, seasonal fruits,  small goods, jams/chutneys, olive oil products, spices, breads & cakes, a range of food vendors, plus craft, jewellery, woodworks and nursery plant items.

Gold coin entry plus stallholder site fees have contributed to raising in excess of $225,000.00 [after costs], as at 31 December 2019.  These funds have been distributed back into the local and international communities via various Rotary projects.

Located adjacent to the popular Lillydale Lake, and very visible from Swansea Road, the market is becoming a focal Community meeting place for locals, many with their dogs, to catch-up with one another and have a coffee and chat in under cover facilities.  

The popular market is held on the first Sunday of the month at Bellbird Park, adjacent to Lillydale Lake from 9.00am to 2.00pm.  Customer comments can be viewed at



In Rotary year 2012 – 2103, The Rotary Clubs of Healesville, Wandin, Upper Yarra and Lilydale  jointly funded a community policing vehicle which is used throughout the Yarra Valley by our Community Policing Officers.  The vehicle and its drivers are out and about in the Community for year 10 driver education programs and road safety, conducting Mental Health First Aid Courses,  attending seminars on Elder Abuse, and meeting with Yarra Ranges Council Youth Services Officers.   Additionally, the car is used to assist Community Police Officers in visiting the elderly, and providing information about safety and security in helping older persons on how to live confidently in the community.  The Rotary Club of Lilydale continues its financial support for this vehicle.

Example of the  use of the Community Policing Vehicle during the past year [2018 -2019] can be viewed on the following link: Community Policing Vehicle – Rotary report 2019

 red car donations Red car side


Over the years the Club has taken an active involvement in the Bi-centennial Lillydale Lake development.  Club members have been actively involved in projects that have provided a range of infrastructure facilities for public use as well as planting out Arboretum areas in May 1996 to commemorate 30 years of Rotary service to the local Communities .  Facilities include a number of shelters, jetty near wetlands, seating around the Lake, water tank for toilet facilities, fun and fitness track and more recently a large Gazebo in the nearby Bellbird Park area.





Lilydale Community Sailing Club exists to introduce people of all  ages and abilities to the joys of sailing in an easy to understand, fun and inexpensive way within a supportive environment.

 Rotary Club of Lilydale’s involvement with the Lilydale Community Sailing Club [LCSC] dates back to:

*         1999 – 2000 Rotary year, where $4,000.00 in funds was allocated
            to the LCSC to purchase a specially built boat.

*         Pre June 2014, donation by daughter club, RC of Chirnside Park
          of a sailing boat;

*        2016 – 2017 saw allocation of $1,000.00 to LCSC for the
           construction of boat racking within their Club Storage Facilities.

*        2017 – 2018 saw allocation of $1,000.00 to LCSC for the purchase
          of larger life jackets

*        2018 – 2019   saw allocation of $13,000.00 to LCSC for the purchase
          of a 303 Hansa Dinghy specially designed for larger individuals,
          many of who have a disability.
          The dinghy was named the “Jim Sawyer” after local identity
          and former Rotarian of 50+years  Jim Sawyer. The majority of these
          funds came from the Estate of Jim Sawyer who was a Charter
          Member of the Rotary Club of Lilydale.
          The dinghy was launched on the 28th January 2019, with a full front-
          page covering the launch in the Mt Evelyn Mail newspaper of
          05/02/2019.  To read refer to the following link :
           Jim Sawyer Boat Launch – Mt Evelyn Mail      



The Club has had committee representation on the Youth Club management Committee for the past 15 years, providing assistance in the direction of youth programs.  Additionally the Club has provided much needed equipment facilities for use within the Club.  During 2016 Club members undertook a major refurbishment of the gymnasium and boxing facilities within the Club rooms.  Full particulars of this can be viewed on the following link



In August 2018, the Rotary Club of Lilydale became involved in providing some relief to the drought ravaged community of Bairnsdale via the  delivery of hay, as well as grain, dog food  to the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale for distribution to the needy East Gippsland farming community.  The Club’s initial distribution of $10,000.00 came from the estate of a past Club member who was a local farmer.

Following local Yarra Valley press coverage, the Club received support from local community members, farmers and businesses, in not only donations of cash, but also food and other items, including hay bales plus the critical transport of these items to Bairnsdale. 

Additionally, this has been the catalyst for the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale to become pro-active, with their local  community getting behind them and assisting with fund raising in dollars and kind, as well as other Rotary Clubs assisting.   The partnership formed with the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale, on May 2019 figures, has seen a total of 800 bales of hay, delivered to farmers in East Gippsland, which on today’s current prices represents a total dollar value in excess of $104,000.00.  The hay has been sourced from across the state, with approximately 460 bales sourced from the Yarra Valley with one Gruyere farmer donating 100 bales.  At least 8 delivery trips took place from our local area, not to mention those trips organised by the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale, with transport often subsidized or donated  by very generous trucking companies.

The May 2019 report for this Drought Relief Operation, indicates that in addition to the hay bales, a further $78,000.00 has been spent on transport, molofos (liquid feed), grain [$6,000.00 worth from RC Lilydale] and vouchers.  Additional donations in kind by way of transport of $20,000.00, brings the joint effort by the two Clubs, to total over $200,000.00 of value. 

In addition to the above over 100 large bags of dog food, plus several thousand dollars of dog-care products has been sent to the CFA Buchan for distribution to farmers.
This activity has been co-ordinated through CFA Officer Tanya from the CFA Lilydale.

The Rotary Club of Lilydale expresses a big thank you to the  Lilydale and Yarra Valley communities, the local farmers and trucking companies that have been so generous with donations and support in providing some relief in the East Gippsland area.  In addition, a big thank you to Rotary Bairnsdale, who have and are doing a brilliant job in raising funds and distributing hay and produce to drought affected farmers in their area.

This project has been embraced within the true meaning of Rotary:     “Service above Self”


The areas of Gippsland so dramatically impacted by Drought during 2018-2019, have now been seriously impacted by January 2020 Bushfires.

The areas we previously helped with deliveries of Hay, as well as stock and working dogs’ food require our assistance again.

January 2020 – The Club through its contacts, have been able to arrange the supply of 320 Hay Bales, ex Melbourne Water, via 7 semi-trailer loads to Rotary Club of Bairnsdale for distribution to farmers devoid of fodder for stock.  On current market prices including transport costs, this donation equates to in excess of $40,000.00.  This donation was acknowledged on local WIN Television News, by Rotary Club of Bairnsdale – Jan 2020 – HAY TO EAST GIPPSLAND POST BUSHFIRES.

In addition to the above a further 34 bales of hay have been sourced from local Coldstream farmers and arrangements for transport via a Gruyere trucking operator in the one week.

The Club’s February 2020 market is donating the total takings to the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Appeal, as well as being a depot for receiving donations of dog food products.  This market raised a total of $8,384.13, which has been remitted in full, to the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale’s Fire Appeal Project Account.

April 2020: A Rotary Club of Bairnsdale – “Report on the Receipt and Distribution of Hay and Other Essential Supplies”, can be viewed on the following link: RC Bairnsdale – April 2020 Report on Hay Donations



April 2020:  The Club wishes to acknowledge the generous contribution of $5,000.00 from the Bendigo Community Bank at Mt Evelyn to go towards transporting 900 round bales of hay, from Colac to Bairnsdale,  for fire affected farmers.





AUST ROTARY HEALTH LOGOAUSTRALIAN ROTARY HEALTH (ARH) is a national, not-for-profit organisation which funds health research and provides community education about health in Australia. The organization supports work on a broad range of health problems, but specializes in mental health.  Our Club has been an active supporter of Australian Rotary Health through regular funding contributions and also via running Mental Health Forums to promote these issues and treatment to the local community.





Bowel Scan is a public awareness program seeking to increase community knowledge of bowel cancer and its symptoms as well as the distribution of faecal occult blood testing kits to Bowel Scanfacilitate early diagnosis.


The Club supports the annual Rotary sponsored Bowel Scan month, by initially co-opting pharmacies into the program, co-ordinating local publicity and then arranging the collection and despatch of used kits for testing.

The aims of the Bowel Scan program are to:

•       enhance public awareness of the need of bowel cancer screening;
•       promote and coordinate the Bowelscan program annually;
•       emphasise the importance of bowel cancer screening for both men and women over 40 years.

bowel scan 2 - age groupsBowelscan is a not-for-profit initiative. The successful operation of Bowelscan, and its accessibility to a wide range of people, is made possible by the voluntary support of a large number of pharmacies, pathology laboratories and Rotary members. We thank all involved for their contribution.








Sharon Chuck is coordinating the ‘Share the Dignity’ donation box appeal through Lilydale Rotary.

The aim of the project is to collect items that women require for daily use. Once collected they will be put in a handbag and given to needy people such as in refuge centres in time for Christmas.    Share The Dignity makes a real difference for girls and woment that experience homelessness and domestic violence.


Items that Sharon is collecting are handbags, general personal women’s products, small jewellery items etc

– as seen in the photo  –  if you can help please contact Sharon….0430 339 554

This is  a great local community project – helping needy people in our own backyard.  A very successful Club Project.

2017 OUTCOMES :  163 full “Share The Dignity” Bags  assembled, and
                              delivered to 17 Safe Houses, resulting in many surprised and grateful recipients.

2019 OUTCOMES :  102 full “Share The Dignity” Bags assembled with women’s products, being delivered to INSIRO…



Additional Community activities include:

FUND RAISINGClub members, working in teams, have been involved in the annual Salvation Army and Red Cross Door knock appeals.
SCHOOL SUPPORTClub members are involved in community planting programs at local schools, along with the Club financially assisting in travel costs associated with the school participating in music/band competitions.

Over the last couple of years the Club has been actively involved in the promoting and providing assistance with the successful Yarra Hills Annual Art Show.

MELBA SUPPORT SERVICESClub members are involved in garden projects, as well as providing BBQ / Sausage Sizzle facilities at Annual Fairs.
BBQ / SAUSAGE SIZZLESThe Club regularly supports Council and school initiatives with the supply of well-cooked sausages etc.  Additionally we use these as a source of revenue raising, via participation at Bunnings etc.
MT. EVELYN STREET PARTYA Biennial event in which the Club assists with Event Planning, Traffic Control, and providing a food vendor outlet.
PARTNERSHIPSAssisting other Rotary Clubs and Community Groups, with provision of  resources to assist with their projects and fund raising activities.  e.g Installation of a light box for the night-time illumination of the Australian Flag in the recently refurbished Mt. Evelyn War Memorial, for the Mt. Evelyn RSL.  The Club was actively involved in obtaining government grants instal commerative storyline displays concerning ANZAC Centenary milestone events in the area  eg MilitiaTraining Camp under control of General John Monash at Lillydale Lake and mock battles at Mt. Mary Coldstream. 

Our Club continues to support the development of public CCTV coverage within the local communities to assist police in making our communities safer.

 PROBUS CLUBS Our Club has sponsored local Probus Clubs in order to provide regular opportunities for active retirees  to meet and keep their mind active, as well as expanding their interests and enjoying the fellowship of new friends.
 Local PROBUS Club/s meet at The Lillydale Lake Community Rooms.

MENS Meet on the SECOND THURSDAY of the month at 9.30am
Secretary:  Doug Mackie Tel 03 9737 6470
Mail:  PO Box 238 Lilydale 3140
LADIESMeet on FIRST TUESDAY of the Month at 10.00am
Secretary:   Peggy Smith  Tel 03 9735 1502
Mail:  PO Box  353 Lilydale 3140