2019 – 2020 Year – Funds Distribution

Michael Gavin Fund Raising / Distribution

2019 – 2020 was  a very disjointed year, due to Covid 19 virus Government restrictions, bringing the Club to somewhat of a halt in Fund Raising and Distribution within the April – June 2020 quarter.  Club weekly Meetings were conducted via ZOOM Technology during quarter 4. 
These restrictions seriously impacted the Club’s main income stream –  Craft & Produce Market, which ceased in April and is still yet to resume.
Expenditure on Youth Activities for the National Summer Science Forum and MUNA were paid for, but were refunded due to these Youth events being cancelled.

Despite all of the above the Club raised $47,401.00, and distributed $58,930.00, of which $10,000.00 has been provisioned for [2] Projects, which the Club received $5,000.00 in District 9810 Matching Grants.

Key Results in fund raising were:

  • Lilydale Craft & Produce Market  –  $32,034.00 net.   [This being only a 9 month period]
  • Donation of new Medical Equipment X-Ray aprons [30] and Thyroid Protectors [15] by an importer. Refer intangibles.   Estimated Retail Value, circa $45,000.00 – $50,000.00.
  • District Matching Grants [2] totalling $5,000.00

Key Results in Funds Distribution were:

  •        Lilydale Sailing Club – Provision of a Disability Hoist  –    $9,900.00
  •       East Gippsland Fire Relief – $9,242.00, with the total proceeds of  the
          Club’s February 2020 Craft and Produce Market [$8,384.00] going to the
          Rotary Club of Bairnsdale as managers of the  East Gippsland Fire Relief Appeal.
             Additionally, refer to Intangibles at foot of Distribution Listing as
      joint Club effort totals well in excess of $200,000.00 for Hay 
             and associated Animal Products, plus Hay Transport during the
             Drought and post the devastating January – February bush-fires in
             the region.
  •      Construction of Workers enclosure  at Yarra View Nurseries – $6,000.00 provisioned
    following receipt of $3,000.00 District Matching Grant


Full details of funds raised and distributed for the year, can be viewed on
the following link : 
RCL 2019 -2020 Distribution of Funds