Club News – Basketballs to Schools in East Timor compliments of Mt. Evelyn & Districts Community Bank

Michael Gavin Club Bulletins

47 basketballs (&pumps) with the help of Rotary DIK [Donations in Kind]  have been delivered, to four schools (to date) in the Dili (Timor-Leste) area.
These basketballs are now in the hands of young energetic Timorese students under the guidance of their respective schools.

These basketballs were originally ordered for a Kilsyth VIC sports club,
with the sponsorship of the Mt Evelyn & Districts Bendigo Community Bank. 

However the basketballs were not needed and the Mt Evelyn Bendigo Bank offered them to Rotarian Tim Hewitt of Rotary Club of  Lilydale to distribute as the club saw fit. 

The Rotary Club of Lilydale  added air pumps (donated by  David Witlox)  and inflation needles (donated by Rotarian Des Shiel) and arranged shipping through Rotary’s DIK operation.

Many thanks to the Mt. Evelyn & Districts Bendigo Community Bank plus all others involved including Tim Hewitt, Lindsay Murphy, David Witlox, Des Shiel and Judite Martins as well as all the other Rotarians and Timorese for their help.