Club News – Rotary “Youth Exchange Program” Survey

Michael Gavin Monthly Updates

President Bill is keen for all members to undertake the Youth Exchange Program [YEP] survey,
in order to complete a Club response to District.

Please find attached a SURVEY on the following link  Youth Exchange Program Survey – FEB 18

I would ask that all of you:
(Step One) read the questions and respond thoughtfully.
(Step Two) RETURN the completed survey to myself.  The survey can be given to me either in hard copy or electronically. 

RETURN deadline:         Wednesday, 28 February. 

Your name will need to be on the survey (at the bottom) or your responses will not be considered (this is to assure that there is only one survey submitted per member).
Your responses will be treated in strict confidence.
I will be providing District with a summary of your comments and NO NAMES or other indentifiers will be used in my summary.
Your completed survey will be destroyed/deleted upon completion of my summary.

During the past few months I have had several members provide comments to me regarding the Youth Exchange Program and its value to participants and to our club.
Some of these comments have been positive and some negative.
Now is your opportunity to express your opinion in a more formal manner.
Note that this survey is being offered to all clubs in District 9810.

Our club’s survey summary will be part of the District’s current review of the YE Program.

Yours in Rotary

Bill Parlet